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Nineteen Eighty-Eight is Texas State’s ONLY Interior Design Organization! We are a student-run organization that combine both our ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) and IIDA (International Interior Design Association) student chapters together to create a place where our members can grow their knowledge of the design industry and prepare for a professional career. Our organization is dedicated to helping students learn about our selected major, creating a fun-filled environment with interior design students from all levels of the program, and providing many opportunities for networking and relationship building within the professional design community.


1988 was the year that the Texas State Interior Design Program earned its CIDA Accreditation (Council of Interior Design Accreditation). Programs accredited by CIDA voluntarily place themselves before the scrutiny of the profession to ensure that students receive an education that will serve them not only during their time at school but also prepare them for future professional growth. CIDA Accreditation is something our program takes pride in, and we remember this by the name of our student organization "1988".


2020 PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR: CLASSIC BLUE- Last year we rebranded our organization and decided to base our logo and color on the Pantone brand. Their color system is extremely relevant to Interior Design and allowed our organization to get a new splash of color each year! 

1988_LOGO_CLASSIC BLUE_2020-2021.jpg


Our student organization is dedicated to creating a wide variety of opportunities for students to network, receive hands-on experience, as well as serve the community. "Design Like a Pro" was one of the most successful and largest events in which we invited ten professionals in the Austin area from top firms such as PBK Architects and Studio 8 Architects. Students were able to network, receive mock interviews and portfolio reviews, attend Q/A sessions, as well as have headshots taken by a professional. This was our first event of this nature, but we are determined to make this an annual event. We hope to see you on November 17th, 2020! 

"Revolution Redesign" is an event that we have participated in annually since 2018. This is an event partnered with IIDA, where 1988 selects an area in need within our community, then students and professionals use their knowledge and design skills to renovate/redesign the space! In 2018 we renovated four low-income housing apartment units for selected families in Austin TX, and in 2019 we chose to renovate San Marcos' very own "South Side Community Center". 1988 is always looking for opportunities to receive hands-on experience while giving back to our community in the best way we know how.   


Austin Low-Income Apartment Renovation

56EEBA38-2D52-4D7F-899B-429A986D5025 (1)

San Marcos South Side Community Center Renovation 

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